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Supply Chain Management

Flight Director, Inc.’s Military Supply Chain organization is known industry wide for its innovative, rapid and agile solutions. For over 20 years FDI Mil Division has continued to expand its stock of products and capabilities.
We believe in investment in people, processes, state of the art facilities, and solutions for our customers’ needs.

Flight Director, Inc. continues to enhance our industry position by the acquisition of equipment and inventories to keep legacy military aircraft flying. We continue to provide products across multi service and multi agency customers to solve problems and deliver solutions.

  • Rotable Equipment Sales & Marketing
  • Inventory Appraisal & Consignment
  • Tactical Rotable Packages – Lease/Finance
  • Military Airframe Acquisition – Fixed/Rotary
  • Dept of State Export Licensing – M-9660
  • PDM Forecasting


T-56 Engine Group

With thousands of OEM line items in stock, Flight Director provides comprehensive T56 spares support to its commercial customers and military end-users through logistics and repair maintenance programs.


  • Compressor, RGB and Turbine Modules
  • Worldwide Delivery and Export Compliance on T56 material
  • QECs and QEC accessories
  • 501D and 501K Maintenance Support
  • T56 Engine and Parts Acquisitions


Legacy Airframe Support / OEM Relationships

Through long term strategic relationships with world-class MRO & OEM repair facilities    throughout the world, FDI has become recognized as one of the most reliable sources of high quality fairly priced aftermarket aircraft rotable spares. Built on integrity, hard work and attention to detail, with the support of an exceptional logistical response to destinations around the globe, FDI Airframe Group provides a full range of parts services, including parts provisioning, just-in-time delivery, repair and exchange, on-site warehouse management, inventory management and logistics programs. In addition, FDI provides export licensing gratis as a benefit to our customers.


Aircraft/Engines Supported

  • Lockheed Martin – C-130, L-100, F-16, P-3
  • Northrop Grumman – F-5
  • Boeing/McDonnell – Douglas KC-135, KC-10
  • Beechcraft – King Air 350IR
  • Sikorsky – UH-60 Blackhawk
  • Rolls Royce – T-56 -15, -14, -16, -423 : Series II, Series III