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Flight Director, Inc. the professional approach

Flight Director, Inc. incorporated in California in May of 1984, relocated its headquarters to Austin, Texas in September of 1991, and has since opened a sales office in Irvine.

The Flight Director edge stems from a superior understanding of the manufacturing process. Senior management brought the benefits of distinguished careers at American corporate giants Rockwell Collins, Lockheed, IBM and TWA as a firm foundation for their service to Flight Director and its customers.

In its first decade, the corporation cultivated a worldwide reputation for expertise in avionics products. Now in its second decade, Flight Director has responded to the demand of our many satisfied international customers for more comprehensive support by expanding its inventory to include other product lines such as engines, APU’s, landing gear, thrust reversers, inlet cowls, flight surfaces, interiors, QEC, and assorted other rotables.

The end result is Quality Without Compromise, an exacting standard that the corporation set many years ago in a small one-bedroom apartment that served as the corporation’s first headquarters. Financed with but $3000 and no bank credit, the new corporation had little margin for error and a few hardy customers. Unlike some companies, Flight Director has not distanced itself from its humble beginnings. Flight Director management never wants to forget that in the world of aircraft maintenance, there is still very little margin for error. Flight Director, Inc., the professional approach.

Message from CEO

Dear Website Browser,

Welcome to Flight Director. Whether you are an existing or potential customer, an existing or potential vendor – WELCOME to our small part in that international process known as aircraft spares.

Most of our employees, including the managers, can be contacted electronically via email thru our website at www.flightdirector.com. We want to hear from you: your questions, your concerns, your compliments, your gripes, your whatever. And that includes me. Especially me. Let me know how we’re doing. Your input helps us improve. My managers and I have set the following standards.

Customer Service. In our world that is really what differentiates us. The customer comes first all the time.

Excellent trade practices. When we book a sales order, we deliver. On time. When we place a purchase order, we take delivery. Every time. If we make a commitment, we will honor it. We will explain all the ground rules to you before we do our first transaction. And we will expect the same from you.

Last but not least, excellent equipment in an excellent package of after sale services. The FAA AC 00-56 quality standard supported by such repair vendors as GE, BF Goodrich, Rockwell Collins, Nordam, and Allied Garrett. FULL TRACEABILITY and disclosure of the history of the spares we sell. Reliable warranty and service agreements. Whether you are buying or leasing, you can depend upon Flight Director, Inc. people and equipment to meet your needs.

At Flight Director, Inc. WE MARKET SOLUTIONS. From cyberspace to the order entry desk to the warehouse to the airplane hangar and all points in between. So, let us hear from you!

Michael W. Hanrahan, CEO


Flight Director, Inc. traces its aviation lineage back to 1957 when the first Hanrahan, Donald J. Hanrahan Sr., started work at the Collins Radio Company in Cedar Rapids, Iowa as a general aviation salesman servicing accounts such as Beechcraft, Duncan Aviation, and Sabreliner. In the 1960’s, Mr. Hanrahan numbered TWA, NW Airlines, and United Airlines as valued avionics customers. In 1972, just prior to the Rockwell International acquisition of the Collins Radio Company, Mr. Hanrahan joined several fellow Collins executives and founded Intertrade, Ltd., also in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Mr. Hanrahan (Sr.)’s three sons – Mark, Michael and Donald – eventually followed him into aviation. Twin brothers Mark and Michael went to work at Intertrade, Ltd. in 1979 and 1980 respectively. Michael left Intertrade, Ltd in 1984 to incorporate Flight Director, Inc. in Los Angeles, CA. Mark continued to manage Intertrade, Ltd. after Mr. Hanrahan (Sr.)’s passing in 1985. Mark sold Intertrade, Ltd. to Rockwell Collins in 1999.

Donald J. Hanrahan (Jr.) joined Michael at Flight Director, Inc. in 1989 after 10 years with IBM in Binghampton, NY. While at IBM, Donald received a Masters in Electrical Engineering from Syracuse University in Syracuse, NY. Michael and Donald moved Flight Director, Inc. to its present headquarters in Austin, Texas in 1991.

All three sons were raised in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, a “company town” centered around the Collins Radio Company, acquired by Rockwell International in 1973. Mark, Michael, and Donald well remember the Collins Radio Company’s pivotal role in the space race. Donald (Sr.) brought home an exact replica of the helmet John Glenn wore in his historic trip into space, a promotional tool Collins salesmen showed their customers in the mid 60’s.

Flight Director, Inc. “the professional approach”. Since 1957. Keeping our customers airborne. Expertise born of education, hard work, and a commitment to the aviation community. Flight Director, Inc. is proud of this tradition of excellence. Since the 1990’s, Flight Director, Inc. has broadened its scope from avionics to the entire aircraft while purchasing more than 30 commercial airliners including MD90, B737, B747, B757, B767, B777, A300, A310, A320, A330 and A340. Quality Without Compromise – EQUIPMENT, INFORMATION, SOLUTIONS. Values not slogans. Since 1957.


Michael W. Hanrahan
Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Hanrahan received his BA in History and Economics from the University of Iowa (1974) and his JD from the Georgetown Law Center, Georgetown University (1979). Prior to forming Flight Director, Inc., he was employed by Tymshare, Inc. (Cupertino, CA) in Burke, Virginia managing its corporate and partnership tax services department. In 1981, Mr. Hanrahan joined Intertade, Ltd. (Cedar Rapids, IA), a commercial airline services company presently owned by Rockwell Collins (Cedar Rapids, IA). Mr. Hanrahan incorporated Flight Director, Inc. in Los Angeles, California in 1984, relocated its headquarters to Austin, Texas in 1991, and the corporation has since opened sales offices in Ft. Lauderdale (FL), Singapore, and Irvine (CA).

Donald J. Hanrahan

Don received his Masters Degree in Engineering from Syracuse University and his BS in Engineering from the University of Iowa. Prior to joining FDI in 1991, Don was Senior Design Engineering Manager at IBM, Glendale, NY were he received numerous awards for patent and invention achievement.